Tuesday, 14 May 2019


You know, you may have the knowledge yet you are not able to apply it. You may have the understanding and knowledge but still, fail to get the best out of it. You may be wise but if the wisdom doesn't affect your faculties, you cannot get anywhere. Understanding, wisdom and knowledge will operate effectively in you if they can enter into your imaginative power. What you imagine will later develop into ideas. What you imagine is what you end up doing because the power of imagination triggers your faculties to react either in a right way or a wrong way depending on the kind of spirit they have found in you. When the Lord was creating the world, he first sat down and began imagining. If you see what is in Chapter one and chapter two of Genesis, you may get confused. There is a paradox somewhere but there is no confusion because God began by imagining. When He saw the earth void with His spirit just there hovering over the waters He imagined. His spirit was basing somewhere and He said, 'Out of this, I can get something.' Genesis 1:1-3  'In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters. And God said, "Let there be light," and there was light.'

The earth was formless, it had a dark kind of depth but His Spirit was on the water from the beginning so the Lord saw that it was dark. In verse 3 He said, 'This darkness is not good. I am light myself. Let there be light.' When He imagined a dark place having light, He spoke a word and light came forth. His Spirit was somewhere imagining, 'Can I get something out of this?' Have you ever asked yourself that question? 'I have one acre of land in the village, can I get something out of it? I have a funny looking mountainous place without an access road, can I get something out of it?' Given raw pieces of potatoes, cassava and matooke a person who has a good imagination will know how to prepare a delicacy. When you go to hotels, you find that they have different names for their recipes that make you imagine how tasty they can be. In the same way, God formed man and gave Him the power to imagine, form things and be productive. If the imaginative power in you resurrects, you can get the best out of it. However,  the enemy wants you to imagine funny things so that you can take a lot of time in funny useless things. That is why he plants pornography so that those who watch pornography have their minds polluted 24/7. He puts many things that seem very attractive just to rob your imagination like seeming enemies to talk about you and do things to you that make you seem bad. If you are taken by such, your imagination is taken by how one person speaks against you and is misdirected to devil's way. You find that you leave the earth without doing anything out of your imagination.

Even the clothes you put on, someone had to imagine the design for you. Someone had to imagine for you the food you eat. Even when you are building a house you take the architects to imagine for you.

If your imagination is not yet tapped then your gold is still untapped and far away from you until you begin imagining.

Prayer:  May the Lord resurrect your power of imagination.

By the power of imagination, you start living your own life out of what is inside you. You begin living yourself. The gold which God has put in you will start supporting you because it is the source of your peace and comfort. When the power of imagination comes into you,it triggers your faculties to begin responding either to attract or to repel. If the power of imagination gets activated, your faculties will all be active. Therefore, if you are not careful, you may make a wrong decision because you may either be attracted or you repel depending on what you have imagined. When the Lord Jesus Christ saw what was going to happen to Him.  He imagined how terrible it will be. He became a little weak in the body. He said, 'Father if you can take this cup away from me... not at my will but let Your will be done.  He imagined what it will be like to be humiliated. The truth is those guys undressed Jesus, caned Him but he had foreseen it is going to happen to Him because He was obedient to the Father. At that point, he would have feared and said, 'No! Lord, lets us put a lamb' as it was in the case of Isaac. He never prayed against what God had purposed for Him, unlike others who go through fires and begin to lose faith thus looking for fake approaches for solutions. When the body of Jesus was giving way, He prayed continuously saying, 'My body is weak, my flesh is weak but the Spirit is willing. What I am designed to be...' He imagined Himself on the throne and said after this, I will be somebody.

At the beginning of any business, there are people who laugh but never mind about humans because if you continue looking at them, you will never get anywhere. Look to where you are going. Jesus looked and said, 'No one has ever gone through this both in Heaven and on earth.' His flesh was giving way, the Spirit told Him to go into it. He imagined that that point God the Father wasn't with Him. In the same way, there are times when you will feel God is not with you yet He is close to you watching, looking at your imagination.  Are you overtaken by the bad part or you have hope that even in death, God gives life? Do you have that hope? When Peter was approached and told he had been with Jesus, he denied saying, 'I do not know him!' They said, 'even the way you speak, your accent gives you away...'

Mathew 26: 73 'After a little while, those standing there went up to Peter and said, "Surely you are one of them; your accent gives you away.'

His accent alone could show he was from the lineage of Jesus but he imagined what would happen to him in case he acknowledged that he knew Jesus. He denied him and lost it. Jesus had already told him that, 'you do not know what I am going to face.' When you are doing anything your body will imagine and your spirit will also imagine but take what your spirit tells you, 'the body is weak but the spirit is visionary.' Peter imagined and said, 'no, I do not know Jesus.' That is why Jesus had to reinstate him because it was designed from the beginning that Peter was supposed to be the foundation of the church. Jesus had to advocate for Peter because he had denied Jesus and it caused His fall. He could not stand again that is why when Jesus was crucified he went back fishing. He realised the Spirit in him had gone so he got the boat went back to fishing. But when Jesus came to see him, Peter said, 'isn't that the Lord? He went naked to meet Him and the first thing he did was to repent saying, 'Lord, forgive me!' He said, 'Peter, do not worry.' He moved with him until he was reinstated. He gave him bread, stayed with him for some days, for God to have mercy on him. Then when the Grace came, Jesus asked, 'Peter do you love me?' and he wondered, '...is He remembering what I did?' He said, 'Lord, I love you although I had imagined what was going to happen. I love you.' 'Take care of My sheep never deny them again.' Jesus answered.

So, the power of imagination will trigger your faculties to design for you, lead you, bring forth ideas, bring forth your focus and determination and design your courage. Imagine where you are going. Do not imagine where you are. The power of imagination picks from what is available to what will come forth. If it is triggered well to the positive energies, it will truly bless you. It will be the beginning of your blessings.

If you have no power of imagination you will be shocked at whatever happens to you. For instance, young boys sleep with girls and impregnate them. When the pregnant girl tells the guy he claims to be shocked saying his parents are going to beat him! You are shocked by what you have done? Didn't you know the consequences?

If you don't have the power of imagination you will be shocked by everything that happens to you. A person like Judas Iscariot never had the power of imagination. Even when he saw miracles happening they never accessed his faculties until he betrayed Jesus at only 30 silver coins yet when He saw what was happening to Jesus, he was shocked until he hanged himself.

Mathew 27:3-5 'When Judas, who had betrayed him, saw that Jesus was condemned, he was seized with remorse and returned the thirty pieces of silver to the chief priests and the elders. "I have sinned," he said, "for I have betrayed innocent blood." "What is that to us?" they replied. "That's your responsibility." So, Judas threw the money into the temple and left. Then he went away and hang himself...'

The priests and the elders are the ones who were working against Jesus. Those who fight you are the people of your own fraternity. A lawyer will fight a fellow lawyer. A doctor will fight a fellow doctor. A politician will fight a fellow politician. A pastor will fight a fellow pastor. That is how it is? Now Judas, being that he was with Jesus, is the one who was bound to be used to betray Christ as if he was selling Him so that Jesus would be given some honour or tea or some kind of dinner. Judas lacked the power of imagination, betrayed Jesus and when He saw what happened, he hanged himself. He never imagined that betraying Jesus will have terrible end results.


Let your imagination be in line so that you can extract the best out of you or else you will do things which will cause you to hang yourself simply because you never imagined what could be the outcome. If you marry a robber whom you clearly know kills people to get money if you are not careful he will first kill you before he dies. Before you go into any relationship or start anything, imagine and look well. Are you a black man marrying a black woman and expecting white children?! It means you had no power of imagination because it is so clear and evident.

Prayer: Lord Jesus Christ, give me the power of imagination that I will imagine in line of Your promise in my life.