Monday, 06 May 2019


The Lord Jesus said that unless you are born of Spirit and Water, you cannot be born again.

John 3:5 Jesus answered, "Very truly I tell you, no one can enter the kingdom of God unless they are born of water and the Spirit."

Jesus spoke to a man called Nicodemus. This man was among the Pharisees but he had the understanding so he thought the way this man Jesus is doing things, He must be from God. Nicodemus hid in the night and met Jesus. He said, 'Lord, the way You do your things, You must be from God.' Then Jesus began speaking in parables. Nicodemus got confused because Jesus had said unless a man is born again, he can't enter the Kingdom of God. He was telling Nicodemus that 'I can see the seed of God in you. You Love God but you are not yet there unless you are born again.' So, Jesus was preaching to him teaching him that, 'Teacher of the law, I know you want to have these things but there is no way you can have them unless you are born again.' Nicodemus queried, 'surely there is no way a man can go back in their mother’s womb! Much as I see that you are from God, what you are talking about is impossible. I cannot go back to my mother's womb and be given birth again.' Jesus said, 'you cannot know where the Kingdom comes from. Just like you cannot know where the wind comes from or where it is going.'

You know, if you study the way God related with the Israelites during the time of Moses, he saved them from Egypt where they were in slavery and took them to the promised place which they didn't know. They agreed to go but upon reaching there, they found dry land. Even as they were moving the enemy who had captured them kept on pursuing them. In the same way, when you become born again it means that you have left slavery and have run out of the hands of the devil but don't think that is the end of it. At that time the battle has just begun. Before confessing salvation, you were captured but now you have begun a battle of your salvation. The forces which had enslaved you before will try to pursue you and there is a point you will reach and feel things are not working out. You will begin thinking that you are not following the right way since you are still dreaming your ancestors. However, when the Israelites left Egypt, they found the Red Sea yet the enemy was pursuing them. At that point, things seemed impossible. It seemed like the point of death but the Lord said, 'Moses, stretch your hand.' When Moses stretched his hand, the Red Sea divided.

Once you are determined in your salvation, you will cross anywhere. When they left Egypt where they were being enslaved and were advancing to the Promised Land, my friend, the Israelites encountered challenges yet it was God who had told them to move! As they moved, Moses went into prayers speaking to God on their behalf for 40 days and nights. They grumbled, 'Moses who brought us from Egypt is nowhere to be seen, why don't we make a god? Everyone bring your gold, bring your pieces of jewellery.' So, they collected their jewels and formed a calf which they called their god.' They bowed to it, 'please can you help us we are not seeing Moses...'

In the same way, when you encounter challenges and you are not seeing Brother Ronnie what do you do? Do you try other options? If I have ever prayed for you and you felt the Holy Spirit, it's a mark that God touched you. What you need next is your constant faith. It is upon that foundation that you build a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. That is how it is done and that is what will make your faith grow as you serve the Most High God.

When you feel the touch of the Holy Spirit, when you hear the testimony, that is the starting point of saying, 'yes I have got it.' From that point, God will be watching to see whether you are going to form a certain calf claiming that things are not working out for you. If you want to know how your relationship is supposed to be, study the Biblical example of Moses, that physical thing (golden calf) in the Old Testament explains the spiritual one in the New Testament. When tests come before you and you keep failing them, God will not give you rest. So, you must be careful.

If you want to receive rest from God, be in Him and let Him be in you, seek Him in prayer. When you become born again, your own relatives will call you mad. When you serve God, you encounter challenges but this happens so that God can find out if your heart is in it for real. Don't think that serving God is something so simple, it's a battlefield but when you overcome, you are crowned. Salvation is not a bed of roses. You will hear Pharisees opposing where you pray from and if you are not strong, your heart will feel ashamed of God. Jesus said whoever is ashamed of Him in public, He will be ashamed of that person before the Father when He comes in glory with the Angels. (Matthew 10:33)

Jesus knows that many people will point at you doubting your salvation, however, it is now time for you to tell them that, 'hey, I am a class above the ordinary. I know Jesus, I worship Jesus.' You must create an impact that will show the whole world that Jesus should be worshipped.

When you walk the journey of salvation, walk carefully knowing that the Lord is watching you. You must establish a personal relationship with Christ. This God I am preaching to you is real, these are not political talks, neither are they religious. Jesus Christ wants to be your friend.

Don't allow anyone to ever tamper with the friendship you have with Jesus. There will be tests in that relationship but they will be meant for your testimony. So, I advise you, decide to become born again, that is the truth. Jesus said unless you are born again you cannot enter the Kingdom. Be determined, it will change your life. In being born again, there is commitment. Every test that comes your way is only testing your commitment; that is all. Tests will come your way but if they find you uncommitted, you will have so many options, however, there is only one true God whom we have no option about. Where He puts me is where I stand just to show Him that 'Lord I am loyal and committed to You.' If you can pass that test, the sky is the limit. The day you are meant to cry when something very disappointing or discouraging has happened to you don't be in agreement with it, simply sing, worship and forget about it. By the time you finish worshipping, you will see what God grants you. These things are true but humans shake over minor things.

When Lazarus died, Jesus didn't rush there. He took 4 days and by the time he went there, Martha said, 'Lord, Lazarus is now smelling don't go there.' Jesus said, 'I told you I am the resurrection.' Martha said, ' Yes, I know He will rise again in the resurrection at the last day...' Jesus said, 'No, now!' It seemed impossible for Lazarus to come back to life but Jesus went to the grave and called out 'Lazarus!' three times and the grave opened. This is the God I am talking about. With Him, it’s never late nor impossible. Something I have learnt in my relationship with Christ is that when you pray for something several times and don't see results, never cry for the results. Sometimes we ask for a rope that will later be put in our necks to commit suicide yet if we trust in His Will, the Lord God your friend who loves you will change everything and answer you in a way that will keep you happy, comfortable and safe. You can pray for something, feel His presence and He doesn’t answer, then at a certain time He brings what you are yearning for in a different format yet fitting your interest.

PRAYER: I pray in the Name of Jesus that from this day salvation comes into your soul. May the Lord of Salvation assign His Holy Angels to grant you salvation.