Thursday, 28 March 2019

There is a season you get in and there is when you get out of that season but according to God’s preparations, every season has a purpose. It is called a season because it is temporal. While you are on earth, get to know that everything earthly is temporal. You are using it for a particular time. What is eternal or permanent, is what you have with Christ because He is everlasting.

There are seasons that you get in and there are seasons when you get out of that season that you went into. There is a rainy season that tells us now the ground is soft, you can plant and there is a season when it says now it is sunny, you can harvest and dry your harvest. Then you can sit and feast on them freely because you utilized the seasons rightly. When the season of rain came in, you did what was right and what was supposed to be done. When the season of sun came in, you did what was right and what was supposed to be done.

I want you to learn something: the reason why we stay stagnant, permanently not getting anywhere, why we retrogress or why we progress, is subjective on how we study our seasons and walk by each season. We walk by each and every season carefully.

When God gives you the energy to work, do not just rest. That is the time to work. There will be a time when He will create rest for you. And if He creates rest for you when you are not prepared, that is when you start seeing hard life.

God will open doors for something for a certain time and then He will close them again, and say, now start enjoying what I opened for you. You must be very careful. When your doors are opened to prosper, be careful. That is not the time to enjoy. When you are prospering that is a time to prepare for your rest. But the mistake we make, at the time of prosperity is when we rest and begin feasting on what God has given to us. That is when we brag and lose the season.

When many people get the money that is when they look at how to spend it. A man who wasn’t going to the bars will begin going to the bar. A man who wasn't a womanizer will start looking for women left, right and center. A woman who was so disciplined and was returning home in time, that is when she will begin going out, sitting in ungodly places, collecting bad friends yet God has opened a season so that you may handle it well and go to another level.

When God opens a season, anything you touch can prosper. And there is a time when that thing can no longer prosper. When the season comes in, be very careful how you spend it, how you keep your energy and health, the friends you make at that time: you must calculate everything carefully because what you have entered into, God has a time set for it. He has put time and after that time, He will close.

Scripture reference: Leviticus 26:4 ‘I will give you rain, in its season. And the land will yield crops and the trees its fruits.’

God is saying, ‘in its season’. In your business, where is the rain? When is the rainy season and when is the harvest season? You must be sensitive. When you see money coming, that is a rainy season. Do not think it will come in throughout like that. There will be a season when the sun will come to harvest.

So, during the time of the rain, if probably you didn’t utilize the season rightly, what you were planting? Whatever drop of rain you could get, you could collect it and take to the world of destruction. That is when you learnt to drink beer that is when you learnt to go to useless places, that is when you went for a vacation! Your vacation should come when it's sunny. And you say, ‘Yeah, it is not raining much now, I can take an off, go and enjoy my fruits.’

But remember seasons and times are set on different levels. There is a season when you are so energetic. That when you are moving upstairs, you just jump. And there is when the time will come and you say, ‘please come and help me get up.' So, when God has given you a season of energy get to know, there will be a season when you have no energy. Now, whatever you kept or preserved during the time you had energy, will help you in the time when you have no energy.

Like it or not, when you get in, you will get out unless you have not got into it. Be careful on how you handle each and every season you are in. You may be in a season where things are too hard. In a season where nothing is moving. In a season, where you are rejected and hated. A season where everybody has turned against you. What will be your interpretation of that season? That is the season you seek God more than ever before. It is not a season of grumbling, it's a season God has put to save you from something. By nature when humans are too comfortable, they forget about God unless God has given someone divine wisdom. By nature, when you are too comfortable, you say, ‘I do not need to pray, I have everything…’ as if prayer is about asking and begging.

But since that is how we are, God sometimes allows us to be out in the wilderness and He sees how you will respond. Will you lead yourself to the highest heights, or you will destroy yourself?

During the time of no work, you are too idle, you have nothing, no friend, there is a Man called Jesus. Look unto Him and say, ‘Jesus, my Lord.’

There is a Man called Jesus. At times look at Him and say, ‘whatever it is my God, I know it is all under Your power. Everything on earth is created by You, thus it must submit to You. whatever it is my God, I look unto You. Look at me with Your mercy and answer me in the season of Your Goodness. Do not forget me, when the time comes to bless.'

When the LORD gives you the Grace at a certain time, when you are such a nice looking being (when God makes you look nice) at a certain season be careful. That is when you should be very careful about yourself. Do not allow anyone to access you directly. Use third parties otherwise you may fall in the fire. They will make you fade before your season is over. You begin fading yet, at that time, God had set for you a righteous marriage and He has put all the attractive features but you are not valuing your season. Instead, you are dressing anyhow.

Learn to interpret your seasons. That is the way things are, this season is taking me into this. The way things are now, this season is meant for this and this is how to approach it. Look around your marriage life, look around your financial life. Look around your spiritual life, look around your stakeholders, your connections who are coming to you at a particular time. Who do you need at that time? Choose carefully because there are those who will come to add to you. There are those who will come to subtract, there are those who will come to divide, there are those who will come to multiply. And there are those who will come to put you in brackets- when you enter the season they open the brackets, when you come out of the season, they close the brackets and talk about you. You become their stories and a laughingstock.

Scripture reference: Psalms 1:3 ‘That person is like a tree planted by the streams of water which yields fruits in season and whose leaf does not wither. Whatever they do prospers.’

He who is planted in Christ Jesus is like a tree that has put its roots in the river. It has where to drink from whether it is rainy or not. In seasons it can bring fruits. It knows when to bring fruits and knows when to relax, its leaves will never wither.

If you are in Christ, never allow your prayer life to wither. Those are the leaves that cover the tree. Never allow your relationship with Christ to collapse. That is the root that goes into the river bank. And then He will give you the wisdom to interpret seasons and times; ‘that now, money is coming in even from where I have not worked, people are calling me and giving me money, things are flourishing financially…’

In a rainy season, sit down and think, do not be excited. Thank God you are prospering. Sit down and think, 'Now this is my time to sow but where do I sow? So that in time of harvest, I will harvest big time.’ ‘It is time to expand my business but do I have the capacity to manage the extension? If I put people, they will cheat me and that will be a loss…’

Whatever money that you receive, deposit it on the account. Do not rush. ‘I have got money… let me go and buy land…’ No! Deposit your money on your account. You may rush to go and buy land and whatever you have collected ends up in the hands of the fraudsters. So your season gets done. You don’t get excited when doors are opened. Sit and think. ‘It is time God has set to lift me, now what is the next level?’ Bank first and take the next step after thinking.

When It is your season in. Be careful of how you will get out. If you do not manage your season in, you will be careful the way you walk out. If you are a woman who just believed in every trouser, you will go lamenting, ‘men are so bad…’ You go out cursing yourself. ‘They are so bad, no faithful man on earth. How many have you had? I think they are over 100. I do not know the number.

When you get into the season, be careful of how you will come out of it. You may come out cursing yourself, so disappointed, so disturbed. When you go into your season, so many people will come to you; your relatives, your friends. That is when they come to borrow money from you as if you have no vision. ‘Please lend me some money, I want to build a house for tenants. I will pay you slowly by slowly since you are my relative.’ They have heard that you have got money. My friend be careful! There is a time for everything.

Look at your vision. Know that from this stage, I have to go to another stage and by the time I become old, this is how I will handle my life. If you have been with your spouse for the last ten years and you are not seeing the connection, be careful. You will get old very miserable. At your old age, you need someone you can smile with, someone who can hold you.

And I advise. In life, learn to operate within the capacity God has put before you. Do not run faster than your capacity. Those who have very many debts, getting exorbitant loans, you are running beyond your ability. Any small thing God has put before you during that season, do not overlook it. Do not look beyond the capacity God has put before you. You will shipwreck. The debts can make you hate yourself that during your time of energy, you spent about 30 years paying debts. They wear you out emotionally; ‘Oh where do I get money to pay for this month’s loan.’ That is what you are thinking 24/7.

During the time of your energy, you have to utilize whatever God has put before you. Everything God has put before you, give it wisdom. It is your seasonal time to give it value. Some of you are coming from villages where there are nice sites, with big stones but you just bypass it each and every time. One day, a person will come and buy it and get gold out of it.

It is very important to think about what God has put before you. Give it value, improve it, it will take you somewhere. Avoid looking beyond your capacity. You are likely to carry what you can’t carry and break your back and come out of the season very miserable.

Prayer: May God bless you. Ask God to give you the wisdom of interpreting seasons that He has put before you so that you will never miss out on any important season that he has put before you.