Tuesday, 26 February 2019

The question that has not been answered and yet there is an answer, but that answer takes great wisdom to get it: “What next?” That question sounds like a simple question but is a very big question that will subsequently determine your destiny depending on how you respond to it. That question “What next?” is a big question and our Master Jesus Christ knew about it and He gave us some guidance on how to answer that question. The way you respond and the way you answer back may lead you to Heaven or lead you to hell, may lead you to blessings or to destruction. Can also lead you to failure or to success, it can as well lead you to trouble or to the best.

What next? Is a question we encounter at every point. What you are seeing now and what you are encountering, wherever you are, that is it, but “What next?” You know, a person who asks that question and finds an answer to it, is a person who will walk carefully and is a person who will face the realities of life. But if you don’t ask that question and get its answer, you will be driven by any wind and you will never know where that wind is taking you. Sometimes We find ourselves in certain situations and we get surprised how we got there. So, I want to inform you of the way Christ guided us since it's a question that expresses uncertainty. Such uncertainties include not being certain of something or not certain of what will happen next. Such gaps of life that sometimes make us reluctant, if not panic and respond in a way that makes us live a meaningless life.

Check whatever you are doing. You know what you do, has it given you a meaningful life or is it meaningless? Check yourself. A man like King Solomon was a very wise man, he tried everything out of his wisdom and he did many things in life. He ventured, explored life but he ended up writing the book of Ecclesiastes and only one word he was trying to express,'' IT WAS ALL MEANINGLESS.'' He was saying meaningless! Meaningless! Meaningless! He made the biggest investments he could ever do, he was the wisest leader. Everything Solomon did was successful but he ended up saying all is meaningless.

Which means there is a question we should ask ourselves and answer it. Once you get the right answer it means you have got it. That answer will lead you somewhere. You be a little careful on how you are moving, be careful in whatever you do, be careful when asking yourself a question and when you are giving yourself an answer. There is a wise man, wiser than anyone who ever existed before and He is still wise. He can give you the right answer and not make you misfire. His Name is Jesus. In the book of Mathew 6:34 “Therefore, do not worry about tomorrow for tomorrow will worry about its self, each day has enough trouble of its own.”

Each day has its own troubles. When you ask, what next? It means there are those worries you have and you are very uncertain of what will happen next or what is going to happen after. Jesus says, ‘Please, don’t worry, just be happy.’ He knows each and every day has enough trouble. Just walk the day carefully, the next day it will be well because there is somebody minding about it, someone caring for it. If you walk many steps in a day, then you walk the same steps of tomorrow and another day, it is the reason why you have debts that you cannot account for. Meaning that you walked more than what you were supposed to walk. That is why you have found yourself in multiple relationships. You have so many partners. You have walked more than you were supposed to.

Then,'' what next?” It sounds like a simple question but if you misfire, your life will find its self in big trouble. Walk carefully! King David was so wise. He was a king but in Psalm 23 he said, ‘The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not be in want…’ meaning I will not be afraid of what will happen next, for He is the One who leads me. He leads my feet to green pastures, to the fresh still waters…So, if you can follow the Shepherd Jesus carefully and allow His Holy Spirit to guide your next step, you will not mess up. Whenever we are in a certain situation, we ask ourselves what we should do. This has happened before. So don’t worry, just be happy, the Lord is in charge. Move systematically and apply the wisdom He has given you. Apply it but not in line with what will lead to your destruction.

Jesus is the only way. None of us knows how long we are going to live. You don’t know how long you are living but we move as if we are going to live for a thousand years. We worry as if we are going to live forever and ever. Yet there is a man called Jesus who knew His life was not going to be too long because He came to die and do something. But in the 33 years, he lived, three and a half were for the Mission. So, Jesus made 30 years and when beginning the mission, the question was what next? The devil came to Him and said, ‘If you serve me, I will give you this city. I will give you fame in the city.'   But Jesus said, ‘Man shall serve only one God.’ Satan said, ‘Okay if you are a Son of God, turn these stones into bread.' He humbled himself again and said, ‘No, that's not my mission. I don't hear the voice of the devil, I must only obey God Who sent me.’

When Jesus was going to begin the Mission there was a question of “What next?” Should I take over as the king, as the enemy is showing me or I should be a humble man and harvest souls for God Almighty? It means there were temptations. When you are going to do something good, there will be temptations. So many things will come your way, if you are not careful, you might hit a snag. So, you must be focused. But how do you keep the focus? By answering that question “What next?” The reason why laws are formed is that people answer that question in the wrong way. They answer it wrongly and they end up going overboard. So, the state says that since people have a lot of questions, let’s make laws. For example, If you steal, you will be jailed for this long. If you beat up someone you will be jailed for this long. Because they know that there will be situations where you will be pushed to the wall and ask yourself what next? So, to curb trouble, they make laws for people not to go overboard.

There are some things that may not require those laws because you do them in your private life. When things go beyond your strength, go into fasting and praying. Employ every spiritual gift and divine weapon before you. Go in the spirit, go in the supernatural, you will end up doing things right without injuring yourself and yet you have got it. When God gives a vision, He provides for it. He will give you a way that seems impossible. When God is in it, it will work out. When things seem hard and going crazy, look at Him Who purposed you and say, ‘Abba, how do I go about such now?’ He will say, ‘Stretch your hand’, you do not know what will happen next but when you stretch your hand, the sea will divide and you will pass.

When Moses was stuck about what to do, the LORD said, ‘Stretch your hand’. Moses was panicking. The Egyptians were pursuing them, so Jesus told Moses, ‘Stretch your hand’ for him he raised his stick but still God fulfilled it and the sea divided. In life at any point, there is where you will get and find things seeming impossible. You see things not working out at all, but a miracle is just close there. That is when your faith comes forth and without fear, you take a step in the supernatural. "What next?" That is the unanswered question so many people keep asking. For instance, you find a man of 90 years with a pregnant wife of 45 years. You say now old man what next? It means you don’t measure your destiny.

You find someone buying any land that comes before them yet they are not estate dealers! Why buy what you can’t develop? It will later turn out to be a burden to you. So, when God provides and blesses you, think rightly about what next? Pray about it and take the right steps. You will preserve yourself from unnecessary miseries. If you don’t ask yourself that question, you will find yourself miserable all the time, because you take steps recklessly and the winds blow you the way they want. If you measure, you will be careful and move carefully.

“What next?” If God can answer that question, you will see your breakthrough. If He answers that question, you will never find yourself trapped. Always take your steps right and wisely, knowing that this step I have taken is firm. Always make sure that you protect your memories because the more you do bad things, time will come and you will hate yourself because whenever you close your eyes to think about yourself you will say, ‘I am bad.’ The things we keep doing determine our memories. You remember them and say, 'This was terrible…’ and you call yourself terrible. But behold! There is a man called Jesus. He can forgive you now and tell you ‘What next? Do the right thing.’

Your memories will keep disturbing you because you have hurt your conscience by doing things the wrong way. Eat something small but have your peace. Small but when your conscience is clean. When you do things with a clean mind even at a time of your retirement, you will be happy with whatever you have achieved knowing it was out of the truth. Your conscience is very clean because you carefully took your steps.

This world is crazy. There are so many things being set around to trap and cause destruction. Whenever you are going to get something good, there will be things set to detract you for destruction, be careful. When Moses came to deliver the Israelites from the bondage of Egyptians, after he proclaimed to them that, ‘Behold! God has sent me to come and take you to the Promised Land. The land that is full of honey and milk.’ After that proclamation, Pharaoh hardened their lives, ‘What are they going to do to offer to their God, these ones are idle. He hardened their work, tightened everything, life became more miserable. And they told Moses, ' ever since you came things have gone bad,’ Moses said, ‘Lord, things have become bad for these people.’

God said, ‘Moses, I told you to perform miracles. Proclaim them until he releases them.’ There is no one whom God sent and never performed miracles. If there is somebody God has sent powerless, then it’s not me. No, I am not that one. I came with Fire. You know when you put fire on fire, fire multiplies. Do you know that? If we belong to the Most High God anyone who will fight us shall fall. ‘If I am a servant of the Most High anyone who will stand to oppose the Glory of God shall fall. Anyone who will knock on you will find a rock and they shall fall.

“What next?” If you are a child of God you will never lack dimensions to answer that question. David knew how to put Goliath down because he knew what to do next. But the Israelites army was so scared of the Philistine army because they had a tall man called Goliath. But a child of God knew how to move. You know how to deal with every strength; big or small and whether they like it or not they get down. You don’t just do things anyhow. If you trust yourself in Christ Jesus you will know, it’s not by might and not by power but by the Spirit of God. If you know that it’s by the Spirit you know how to move in the supernatural.

The enemy will look for you at all points from your home to your neighbors and to your friends to see how to trap and put you down. But if you know the ways of the Living God, you will walk in the supernatural until you get there. When Jesus was born, all the young boys were killed because somebody had come. When Moses had come all young boys were killed. satan tried to stop the mission of Jesus Christ but he never succeeded. The Kingdom of Jesus is forever and ever. So, if Jesus prevails and if He is meant to live forever and ever why don’t you attach yourself to Him? Why don’t you get hold of Him and not let Him go! Say, ‘Jesus I have found you, I will not let you go.’ Because you know that He is everlasting.

This question “What next?” People may apply it on you, they will say, ‘Now I’m not prospering but this person here is prospering. Why don’t I bewitch this person…’? They think that by bewitching you that is when they will succeed. That’s how mad people can be. They don’t believe in concurrent living, that you can be there successful when someone is successful as well and another person somewhere, is also successful and life goes on like that. But people want to be on top of everybody. Never struggle to be on top of people. If God designed it for you, He will make you be on top. If God designed it nothing shall frustrate it as long as you get hold of Him. Don’t worry, just be happy. Let tomorrow care of itself. Take your steps carefully. If you know that it is not in your powers and that your abilities cannot satisfy and give you whatever you want to achieve, don't go off but go in a supernatural way to pray and fast.

Prayer: ‘May the LORD teach you more than I can teach. May Christ give you the grace to always have the right answer for the unanswered question "What next.”