Sunday, 17 February 2019

Isaiah 44:20 “Such a person feeds on ashes, a deluded heart deceives him, he cannot save himself or say is not this thing in my right hand a lie.”

"A deceived heart has turned him aside and he cannot deliver his soul", a deceived heart cannot save its soul. The devil is the father of all lairs and its intention is to deceive your heart so that your soul is not saved. A deceived heart will perceive things in the wrong way. It will mislead the beholder of that heart and continuously, that person will keep destroying himself or herself. "A deceived heart cannot save its soul” I want you to mark that.

When your heart is deceived, your entire faculties including knowledge shall walk by that way. And if you are not careful to put yourself in the line of the truth, you will stay in a deceived destiny and you will injure yourself. You know, if you are deceived, and you have a deceived heart yet, you don’t try to follow or look for the truth, you will realize everything later when you cannot make any change. There are some things you should always ask yourself, for example, ‘Of what importance is this thing that is bothering me compared to my soul? Compared to my life?’

We all want wealth, and God wishes for everybody to have wealth, but He doesn’t want deceitful wealth. With the wealth that is deceitful, one will say, ‘I have a big house and a big car so I am a king. I don’t even need to pray.’ The wealth that disconnects you from God is deceitful. A job that is disconnecting you from God is deceitful. A marriage that disconnects you from God is deceitful. If you do not wake up, one day you will be removed from that house and from your big and self-contained bedroom that has everything and be taken to your grave. They take you as if you don’t want your things, as if you don't like your wealth. Even your loved ones whom you had a fellowship within the same house, will escort you as if they don’t want you there. That’s when you will say, ‘All these things were lies.’ But for the soul that is saved, before the body is taken to the grave the soul is in Heaven rejoicing.

A Deceived heart! If you turn your eyes away from the Lord, the LORD of the truth, Jesus Christ, there are so many things put in the place to deceive you, until one day when you will find yourself in the fire. So, that is why the Bible has said, ‘A deceived heart cannot save itself.' If you find someone who is convinced that ancestors are important in people's lives, you cannot save that person because they are convinced that the ancestors are the ones who can do things for him. They pray to ancestors who died poor, how will they give you wealth? How will the ancestors who were barren give you children? They died crying, how will they give you peace? If you are deceived that demons can empower you, then you don’t know what you are up to. If demons could empower someone, then everyone would wish to die and become powerful. People are so deceived because they have killed their souls.

There are three deaths, the first death is when you sin against the Lord and you get disconnected. You enter the darkness. You see things in a dark way. You are too hostile to the truth. Even when you see someone prayed for and healed, you will be too hostile to it because in the spirit you are dead. That is why Christ said, ‘Do not sin so that you may not face death.’ People say, ‘I sin every day… have I died?’ Yes, once you sin, you are put far from the Lord. And once He is far away from you, obviously the devil will come, the spirit of the dead will live with you and you will think the way they used to think.

The second death is this physical one, where the body dies. The third one is when you go to hell, in the lake of fire and sulfur. So, when you encounter three, it means your heart was deceived.

Now that you are alive, I am telling you these things. They may sound so boring because there is something you want from God urgently but I am telling you the truth: you need this God called Christ, the Saviour of souls, that He may save you. You need this man called Jesus, to seek Him every day and make a relation with Him, He is the One who will escort you everywhere and comfort you in it all. Isaiah 45:19 drives us to God’s character that, what the LORD God says is right.

Isaiah 45:19 says “I have not spoken in secret, from somewhere in the land of darkness, I have not said to Jacob’s descendants: seek me in vain, I the Lord speak truthfully, I declare what is right.”

‘I have not spoken in secret...’ God has given you a Bible and He is making His will known to you. He is not hiding it in dark places of the earth. He goes on to say, ‘I did not say to the seed of Jacob that seek me in vain…’ Meaning, when you seek, you will find and when you find Him, get hold of Him, don’t let go of Him. I am telling you about Jesus, I want you to have a relationship with this Man called Jesus. Do not deceive your heart but let your heart believe that Jesus is more important than anything you think about.

I’m telling you about the Jesus who loves you more than you love yourselves.  His going to the Cross at Calvary was not in vain. He knew that there is someone who his own mother or father can bewitch to die (in this crazy world where people are living with deceived hearts it is very possible). For something very small, your own brother or sister will wish you death. But that man called Jesus, He wants to feel your love as well.

Have a prayer room where you can lie down and say, ‘My LORD, I’m so weak and small but blessed are You, the God of Abraham.’ Have a moment every day where you and HE alone are speaking, heart to heart. Where you are not only saying LORD give me. He knows what you need. He knows what is better for you. He knows how you can get it and He knows where it is. All He wants is you, not these things that you are looking for. Have a moment with Jesus. If you have no prayer room, get a hiding place, somewhere you can go and say, ‘My LORD I have no prayer room, where I can lie and say, ‘Abba’ but I know one day you will strengthen my arms to build my own house and include a prayer room for you.’

A deceived heart will curse God for these minor things that you call big. A deceived heart will despise God. A deceived heart will be deceived with pride over everything it has. If you are lucky and God makes you beautiful, thank Him, otherwise, that beauty may turn out to be a curse. If you know that you are beautiful, do not be deceived by the beauty. When you are beautiful, get to know that it's a gift. That is gold which you should keep very far and then bring forth your wisdom and discipline in addition to your beauty. You know, a deceived heart is when someone feels she has a good figure and is beautiful. She can walk while modeling on the street comparing her hips with others.

You know if you walk by the truth, it will set you free. I want you to always know, there is a reason why Jesus allowed your birth and you came alone. First, He wants to preserve you for Himself. His purpose was to preserve you for himself. Have time with your God each day. Get time and speak to God. Don’t say you do not have time. That is why the devil is hitting you left, right and center. Have that time; the time you have with God will avert so many things, those you know and those you don’t know. Those you have done and those you have not done. The Lord your God said, ‘Behold! Thou shall not seek in vain. You will not seek Him in vain.’

What I am teaching you is what will make your healing permanent. It is what will make your blessings permanent and is what will take you from one blessing to another. As long as your heart is true, not even the sky is a limit. ‘I pray that God prospers you, gives you a big office where you are in charge.’

Never be deceived by anything. If God has given you a big office, thank Him and stay humble. Don’t think you are too powerful to destroy everybody, for one day your body will be turned left, right and center and you cannot even refuse anything. You throw your hand this way and you cannot bring it back, you open your mouth to speak but when you cannot. Never lie to yourself that you are too powerful. If God has honored you, thank Him, say, ‘I thank you, Lord, sustain me and uphold me in your honor.' Even Kings will salute you.

A deceived heart will easily mess up things. You know there is a group of people who decided to weaken ministries. They want churches to become weak; they send their agents in churches to look at who is active. Who are the pillars? So, when they identify you, they make friends with you just to bring you down. They will tell you things that discourage you. So, if they find someone who is not serious about Christ, you will take their deceit and you will find yourself down. Be aware of these agents. How can you fight the Most High God! How can you put Jesus down!

Our work is to say the truth, there is a man called Jesus, if you get hold of Him, you will be there. But a deceived heart will walk in a deceived way. Sit and think. Don’t follow what people are doing and saying no matter how cunning things may be. Do your own research. Study your abilities. Move by what God has given you. Study yourself and know what God has given you as a gift, give it life, move forward. Don’t look at what others are doing. You must know yourself.

There was a man who had got devastated. Everything of his went down, so he reached a point of becoming a beggar and he had nowhere to stay. Even his family had deserted him. His wife had run away with the kids because the guy was really on the wall. He became so poor that he even lacked where to sleep. He went to the streets to beg and he wrote a poster on himself. On the poster he had written, ‘Though I am a beggar, I thank God. He gave me a good gift of a voice.’ People could read. One time, a guy was passing by, he said is this beggar really true? What gift of a voice does he have? He approached him and asked, ‘Are you for real about what you have written?’ He answered, ‘Yes, I have a very nice voice.’ He said, ‘Ok, let me take you and test you.’ He took this guy for a voice check, it was excellent. No one in that country had such a voice and he put him on a radio station to be a presenter. This man had high intelligence and a nice voice and he became a celebrity in just a twinkle of an eye. He was given a house, given a car, big salary… But what brought him up? The gift he had. Whatever God gave you still has value as long as you live. It has a great value.

Don’t say, ‘I am too old, I can go with any man that passes by.’ There is somebody who is looking for someone respectable like you. But you are looking for anything, how will God respond to such a heart! If you still live, you are very valuable. Handle every gift God has given you like Gold. Don’t be deceived by your age, don’t be deceived by your education levels, don’t be deceived by your background, don’t be deceived by what you have gone through. Something better is coming your way. Say, ‘Lord Jesus, I know I must get there. Something better is coming my way.’

So, never say it’s too late, He knows what you will do, He knows what you need, He knows how to go about it. There is a man called Jesus, He is going to do something. If you want to overcome a deceived heart, seek for the truth and only in Christ Jesus and believe what He says, you will get there. When you see the works of Christ Jesus, believe that He is alive and follow him. Be strong and never lose faith and the zeal to believe.