Sunday, 27 January 2019


You know, whenever we ask God, He responds but sometimes we fail to recognize or to realize His response. When God was saving the Israelites from slavery, they used to mourn and cry to Him. They used to pray. Then God said to Moses, ‘I have seen the cry of My people. They are enslaved in Egypt. Go and save them.’ So, when Moses came to speak to them, many doubted. Don’t think all the Israelites followed Him. Actually, they were many who remained. They said, ‘No! God has not sent that man.’ Then some of those who followed him had already shared the yeast of those who did not believe. They followed Moses but with doubts.

That is why when they reached in the desert, they stayed for so many years rotating around the same place. God could not allow them to see His promise with that kind of doubt which they had about Him. When Moses disappeared from them for 40 days, they created another god. They made a statue and began to worship it. Meaning, they had not picked the faith in the God who was delivering them. So, God denied them the rest because they continuously tested Him. They never had enough faith.

You can pray for something, but immediately after praying, you speak negatively about it, doubting that God has heard your request. The lips that asked, are the same lips that are confessing the opposite of what they said before the Most High God. God does not only listen when you are on your knees but all the times we speak, He hears what we are saying. That is why He says, that we shall be judged by our words- meaning He is monitoring what we say. God is watching over us. Our Lord Jesus is shepherding us.

You say, ‘LORD, thank you for this blessed day.’ But as you walk out, you say, ‘You know these days in the city, there is no money...’ Still you will not see the money because that has been your last confession. In the first confession, you said, ‘LORD, thank you for blessing me. Let there be money in the city. Let my business flourish in Jesus’ Name.’ When you walk out the first thing you say, ‘My business is failing... There is no money in the city. I have too many debts. I do not think I will overcome them...’ The pit of doubt!

Even if it is God Who has told you to move, do not think you will not find storms! When He told the Israelites to move from Egypt to the Promised Land, they found resistance from Pharaoh. Those are worldly forces. God is saying, ‘Go and prosper in the city.’ You find resistance from ancestral spirits and from friends who will keep telling you what they think rather than what God says. Even if God tells you to move, don’t think you will not find things that will hinder you. You will find storms, valleys and you will find mountains but behold, in it all, since He is the One Who has told you, none of them will hurt you. By faith, thou shall go through until you get there.

The Israelites found the Red Sea before them. By natural understanding, they were right to cry. But if it is God Who has told you, there is nothing too hard. If God is involved, that sea will divide. There is nowhere you will not find a storm. We are called by God to serve His Name which is supposed to be praised and be glorified; but in the same Name we serve Him, He allows our persecutors to live and speak badly of that Name. He wants to see your intention. Do you want honors? Do you want to make your own name in His Name? So, He will send storms, but if you have faith in Him, no storm will sweep you. In Jesus’ Name.

Mathew 14; 24-31. ‘And the boat was already a considerable distance from land, buffeted by the waves because the wind was against it. Shortly before dawn, Jesus went out to them, walking on the lake. When the disciples saw him walking on the lake, they were terrified. "It's a ghost," they said and cried out in fear. But Jesus immediately said to them: “Take courage! It is I. Don’t be afraid.” “Lord, if it’s you,” Peter replied, “tell me to come to you on the water.” “Come,” he said. Then Peter got down out of the boat, walked on the water and came toward Jesus. But when he saw the wind, he was afraid and, beginning to sink, cried out, “Lord, save me!” Immediately Jesus reached out his hand and caught him. “You of little faith,” he said, “why did you doubt?”

Jesus said, ‘You of little faith, why did you doubt?’ Jesus was with the disciples somewhere then He told them, ‘Move ahead of Me. Let Me go on the mountain and pray a little.' Then He went to the mountain to pray. Late in the night, it was around 4:00 am, the disciples were still moving on the waters. Peter and the colleagues were sailing. There were a lot of waves and strong winds. So, as they were moving, they saw somebody walking on water. ‘They said look at a ghost.' Jesus said, ‘Do not be afraid. It is I.' Peter said, ‘LORD if it is You, command me to also walk on the water.' Jesus said, ‘Come!' Peter began walking but as he was moving, he saw the winds roaring. He said, ‘Probably, I am going to sink now.' At the point of doubt, he began capsizing yet Jesus was just before him. ‘LORD!' he said. ‘Bring your hand, you of little faith.’ Jesus held Peter again, they walked on the water back to the boat.’ They entered the boat.

What do we learn?

When they saw Jesus walking on the waters, they called Him a ghost because the worldly powers were still ruling in them. They had not developed enough faith that their Master could walk on the water. Because Peter saw Him and said, ‘If it is You and it not a ghost, command me to come and I also walk…' Which means, they were seeing Him clearly that He is the One, instead of glorifying God there and then, they said, ‘This must be a ghost.'

Just like many who see a testimony but because they believe in defrauding, they say that testimonies are staged. Instead of thanking God and tapping into His power. When they see deliverances and healing, they say, ' that must be a ghost…’ That is being controlled by worldly powers! When you see those who have become rich and made it, and instead of believing that you can also do it you start giving them some other powers, (...I think those ones went under the lake... that is why they are rich...) you are justifying your failure. That is a pit of doubt. God has given you a chance to see it and believe that even you can make it.

The disciples saw Jesus moving on the waters; they called Him a ghost because, in them, they had not believed enough. That is why they could not perform the miracles that Jesus was doing. The pit of doubt will make you look for scapegoats of your failures and yet if you see and believe, you will have an example, that if somebody made it, I can do it. If it is done, I can do it.

For instance, when you are in your business and instead of saying, ‘Oh God, let there be a breakthrough in this place' you say, ‘Oh God, you see those people who don’t believe… they are prospering, for me I am not…’ and you think you are praying, no, you are grumbling! God will bless them more than you. For that is how God works. Those are His ways and His principles. Do not complain in His prayers.

Faith thanks God, even in the deepest pain, it still does. So, when Peter moved on the waters and he saw the waves, he started quaking, much as Jesus was close to him, he began capsizing. Much as Jesus may be close to you, however much He may love you, as long as you develop a little doubt, the pit is there to take you, because doubt is an evil spirit.

Faith is a spirit, doubt is also a spirit. Doubt has a pit. Peter was walking on the water, Jesus was close to him. Why did he have to look at the waves? You are a born again, you have seen the power of God. Why do you fall into those temptations? Why do mere words hover you off? Why do those storms push you in trouble? Walk by faith. The righteous live by faith.

Whenever you pray, LORD Jesus hears you, be assured. But as He is preparing you for your request, you begin behaving so weirdly and He says, ‘Hold a minute. Do you really mean what you are saying?’ Just like when you ask your mother, ‘Give me food.’ She will not just get food and give you. She will say, ‘Ok, you want food but since it is still very early in the morning, let me first give you breakfast. But as she looks at you with gentleness, preparing the best for you But as she is preparing and you begin messing up, then you lose it.

When God says He heals, He truly heals. He is not a lair. When He says He blesses, He truly does. He is not human to lie. What God says He will do, He will do it. But the only pit we fall into is doubt and GOD IS NOT PLEASED WITH DOUBT. He knows that this one is just making a jest of me. When you have doubt, even when you receive your answer, you will doubt it and you will trample over it. You will destroy what you are given because you never believed that God will supply it. The day you will pick faith, you will see the Arm of God.

Matthew 14:30 ‘But when he saw the wind, he was afraid and, beginning to sink…’ When Peter got afraid it means he began doubting, so, immediately he began to sink. When you start doubting, that is the point you begin sinking. I am giving you a weapon so that you start fighting back to your top position. Fight back to your top position. Let not your age, your education, your family background or your friends not lie to you. They are making you think it is not working out. Believe what you believe and let your faith be firm within you. You will get there. That is why Christ sends us as vessels of the Holy Spirit so that we can release any anointing to anyone who asks.

I believe your testimony will be greater than ever before. Put in action what you are taught. At the time when the answer seems to be coming, there seems to be confusion. When God was going to divide the Red Sea. He never told them when they were leaving Egypt that He will divide it. They reached there and took some time before He divided it. People began abusing Moses, ‘Moses it is now clear you wanted to kill us in this desert. Pharaoh’s men were still advancing, they didn’t stop, they kept coming, but when they were almost reaching, the Red Sea divided and the Israelites crossed. Pharaoh’s men continued following them. Immediately the Israelites had crossed over, the Red Sea got back. All of Pharaoh's men were consumed by the Sea.

Let God answer the way He wants. He knows how He is going to do it. He has His way. When you say, ‘Father, by the Blood of Jesus Christ, let there be a breakthrough in this business', believe and leave it for Him. Instead of complaining, add more prayer. ‘Let there be a breakthrough and I thank you, you are doing it.' God will not disappoint the one who believes. Learn to believe. When Peter doubted, he began capsizing. Any doubt you put in yourself however close Christ Jesus may be to you, you will sink. So, stop doubting. Doubting is a disease, it digs a pit to bury you. The pit of doubt.

Acts of Faith: When you pray, believe. You have done your spiritual part. Then physically, do what you can do without messing your spiritual part. God knows what is going to come from there. You have no reason why you should hurt yourself by thinking of your failures. The birds have no gardens but they do not sleep hungry. You will never sleep hungry, you will never lack where to stay. That is guaranteed. Don’t allow worry to cause doubt.