Sunday, 13 January 2019

Cultivating a habit of development  is something you put in your self for you to be what you want to be. ie You cannot be a powerful preacher unless you have cultivated a habit of fasting and praying. You cannot be a great business person unless you have cultivated a habit of proper resource management. You cannot be in a peaceful happy marriage unless you have known how to handle your spouse. The habit you have cultivated in yourself, is what will lead you to a level you want to get to.

The daily things we do,contribute to our development, stagnancy and retrogression. If your habits are stagnant, you are likely to stay stagnant. If your habits are progressive, you are likely to acquire progress. Cultivating a habit of development is something you put in you after doing some self-assessment.  You asses yourself on what can be done and what you should do to approach the situation.When you are starting, it is a strive but later you are able to get to the peak of it and start seeing fruits!

If you want to see a change in your life, you should make some changes as well.  You know that some times you may need to change the kind of food you eat in order to have good health. There are times you eat things which are not only tasty to your tongue but they are intended to strengthen your body and make you energetic.

Even Jesus Christ  used to separate Himself from His disciples to go and pray,He did this more often. Whenever He was with them, He could retreat a little and pray that God may energize Him for His purpose and complete His mission successfully.

 Even when you are working somewhere, you should have a time when you go and pray to God, ask Him to Give you the wisdom you need to get to another level. You can pray for clients and God answers you but they go because in your business and what you are doing there is no proper way of doing things.But when God opens your mind, He gives you good ideas, knowledge to run your business, your career, and you can never fail. You will keep scoring High Points. You pray to God, “ let there be peace in this marriage. Let my husband love me more than he loves himself”, yet there are some habits you should take care of first. You know when you are a woman, one of the most important things you should do is to Cultivate your habits for they matter alot. Never take anyone or anything for granted.  In anything you do, let there be a habit that you continuously do and sustain as you wait for the fruits. I tell you if it is a good habit, you will see good fruits. When you are doing business, you have the habit of knowledge. Knowledge seems expensive but you try ignorance, and see how expensive it is. A person who has knowledge knows what everything does for there is nothing God created that is useless. Everything is useful but it will depend on the attention you give it. Everything around your life, watch it carefully. It has a purpose, a meaning, a destiny, a blessing or a curse. Everything God puts before you, learn to give it value. You will never miss a point. God has a reason why He puts things before you, Do not overlook it. If you know how to handle relations, the good and the bad, it is a very big gift.

Look at yourself and learn to package yourself the way you understand yourself, don’t sit and cry. What you give care to, will go into your heart and remove something out of you.

  Scripture Reference: Mathew 13:22

“ the seed falling among thorns,refers to someone who hears the word, but the worries of this age and the deceitfulness of wealth choke the word  making it unfruitful”

 The things and the cares you put in your heart will take away somethings from you. Some of you don’t think of the things you do but get to  think of the things outside your life. Your heart is over taken by worries and cares that don’t contribute towards your development. Take caution of  the things you give attention, the things you meditate on may choke you and leave you poor and a failure in life. For every great person you see, has a great habit.  Never despise that person who has succeeded more than you. That person has something in terms of habit that you don't have. Even if you are naturally blessed and you have poor habits, your blessing may not bear fruits. There are people who get money but they have nothing to show for the money they have. You can see an employee that seems to be more blessed in terms of material than the boss. Don't encourage a person who speaks negatively all the time, be it a family member or a friend. Have someone who speaks sense,someone contributing to your growth .But some of you entertain those people and your life becomes hard. Have a time  you talk to people who have a positive mind. People who think beyond, People who do not just use eyes to see,those that see beyond and they can discuss sense are the friends you should look for. That whenever you sit with them something good is added to your knowledge and your life In terms of knowledge, faith and comfort.

 But lamenters will always give negative feedback on every good thing they see.  When they see someone rich they will end up calling that person a witch, an illuminati. Just as their way of trying to give an escape-board for their failure. There is no money that comes from the witch and the wizards, do not be decieved.  You can be blessed more when you give than to when you receive.

 Europe gives Africa money, donations, grants, loans. Almost 90% of our budgets are funded by the money which comes from asking them for help.Cultivate a habit that will lead you to development this year. Develop a habit out of revelation that will lead you to sit with kings. There is a time, you need to be alone and during that time, speak to yourself, hear the voice with in while you think. Those things that you speak to yourself when you are alone are the things that have taken you up and are surrounding your life.

when you have thought them through ask yourself a question;  what has dominated me? have I been thinking about my lover? Get to know you are in a trap. It is not the right way to do things. Have i been thinking about my family battles?, have i been thinking about my enemies?  What have i been thinking about exactly. Examine yourself. If you were thinking positively, then your spirit is healthy but if you have been dominated with bad thoughts like enemity, failures, worries, sorrows, get to know your spirit is not healthy yet.

When your spirit is healthy thats the time you are supposed to come out with an idea that no one else has because you have spoken to yourself and you will come out and do it. When you find that your spirit is not healthy,get time alone, so that you speak to yourself and start removing what is not of use and put what is of use, that way you can cultivate your habits. Even if you are sick, it doesn’t mean you should overthink about that disease,It will kill you. Even if you love someone so much, let it not be that the person to dominate your mind. You will make mistakes with that person. You will start developing fear of losing the person.  At the end of the day, you will be obsessed with that person. May the Holy Spirit teach you more. I Pray that the almighty God will open your mind and develop a habit in you that will bless you and lead you somewhere in Jesus' name.