Thursday, 10 January 2019

Urge is that strong desire that someone has to do something.  So, in most cases when that urge comes forth, we lose control. We find that we can do the contrary, to the urge of the feeling. In most cases, devil uses it to keep us in his grip. He can hold you on something by using the urge and whenever he wants to have control over you, he makes sure that urge is operating within your faculties. Sometimes when you get a strong urge, you are not even able to reason or  operate well, because something has taken over you. The enemy uses urge to distract us, destroy us and hold us to himself with the intentions of destroying us. 

How do you break the Urge ? Because you can not just try to do that in your physic and break it. In most cases it’s a spirit that goes into your system and starts dictating to you, to do something wrong and you feel the whole body is communicating the same thing. For example the urge to take alcohol or to steal. You are passing somewhere and see something very small, forexample an old sandal and something tells you to steal it. The urge to back bite others. You find that your mouth is saying a lot about someone. There are some people who have the urge to beat. That for every small thing the person will find it easy to beat like the hand is saying, please slap someone. 

So, if you don’t break that urge, it can lead you to a destructive point. At times you can get it from friends who inspire you to do bad things. Some have a contagious spirit, that when you get close to them, you feel something commanding you to do something wrong. Like someone who has a spirit of lust, when you get close to them, you feel lust. These people who have contagious negative energies can push you into a certain urge by the way of the spirit. Your habits, character, background can also lead you to do same thing just because you have grown up seeing it and as far as you know, its normal.

When you grow  up seeing your relatives eat people whenever you will look at someone, in your mind you will think of them as meal because you grew seeing that. So, by the power of the Holy Spirit through prayers, you can break that urge but not through your self-efforts. Continuously pray because the spirit that brought that urge continues checking on you, through continuous prayer and asking the Holy Spirit to work against it you will over come.  The Holy Spirit is one but can do several things. In your heart continously ask Him to consume that urge as you mention it, whatever it is.

 The urge of stealing, lying, you find that you lie unnecessarily. You find yourself borrowing money unnecessarily. Money that you are not going to use for anything. You find yourself in a lot of debts, almost all of your friends, you owe them money. This urge of borrowing, devil uses it to disconnect you from the people who matter because they lose faith and trust in you. So don't take the weapon of prayer as a simple thing, never take it lightly, disconnect yourself from those who encourage you to follow that urge.

 If you have friends who are alcoholic, disconnect yourself from them. You can never leave alcohol with them around. By the time you want to leave, they are offering you more for free, calling you to meet for a drink you go for one,which leads to more and by the time you leave the place you are staggering. You went with empty pockects but you come back drunk even when you are “broke”. Urge is a terrible spirit, it’s a grip which the enemy  uses to hold people

 Scripture Reference Ecclesiastes 8:8, “No man has power over the wind to contain it; so, no-one has power over the day of his death. As no-one is charged over time of war, so wickedness will not release those who practice it.”  Wickedness will not release those who practice it. It will not just say okay go!  But as you let go, make sure you keep the deliverance, and that, that force does not come back to you, 

I pray that the Holy Spirit will do something in you that you will start a new life!