Ms.Kizza Florence came to the Peace Center of the Holy City in too much sorrow and pain. She suffered poverty that she could walk over 4 kilometers due lack of finances to cater for her transport. Sadly, her son suffered a sickness of inflamed intestines that sabotaged his academics.

In the hospital, the Doctors had to carry out a surgery as the best treatment but unfortunately she could not afford it due to financial failure. In too much agony, she got to know about the Peace Center the Home of Freedom for all those that are heavy laden at ETM International Church. She came with her son Nakinbinge Stuart and the Anointed Servant of God Bro. Ronnie prayed for both of them. On seeking God’s intervention, Jesus turned around everything. He averted the surgical knife with His Healing Power and also drew light of financial breakthrough in the poverty that was tormenting them.

Today as we speak Ms. Kizza owns five plots of land with land agreements and her son is healed completely.

The mother and son glorify Jesus Christ for his Healing hand and prosperity.


Mr. and Mrs. Makabai came at the Holy city in too much joy and happiness to exalt the Lord Jesus Christ for ensuring a successful and peaceful divine marriage after using the Angelic Cord 8707 when they were stuck during their wedding preparations. After sending a message to Jesus through the Angelic Code,

Jesus intervened in their marriage case and turned everything around in their favor.

They testify that indeed Jesus is the one that granted breakthrough in all their wedding ceremonies.


For a more than decade Mr. Ebuga Patrick Joram has been suffering from a back dislocation which he acquired during the time he was digging in a garden of tomatoes with his beloved wife as revealed by the Spirit of the Most-High God. Definitely in the Hospital, the Doctors treated him according to the best of their knowledge but healing was not availed. They gave him a cosset to support his movement and sent him back home with his pain. He could neither walk nor bend down until last week when he came to the Peace Center of ETM International Church the Home of Freedom. The Anointed Servant of God Bro. Ronnie prayed for him and instantly Jesus restructured his dislocated back-bone to normal. Today, he has come back to exalt the Lord Jesus Christ that healed him in micro-seconds after struggling for 14years.