Oman Gilbert a medical clinical officer by profession in the UPDF was involved in a terrible road traffic accident which fractured his legs and hands. His brother took him to hospital and was admitted and taken to the theatre and metals were inserted in his legs. He experienced severe pain and walking was by support. Despite the treatment the pain still persisted. Having heard of the wonders Jesus Christ does through His anointed servant Bro Ronnie, he took a step of faith and came to Holy City for prayers and at just one touch the pain disappeared immediately and he started running, jumping and could do everything he couldn’t.


During the prayers, the servant of God by revealation through the Holy Spirit asked him if he reared goats, in response, he said that he gave some of the goats to his mother in law and sold some, in his mind he thought he had given the goats to her and she thought that she was going to come back for them, so she was sending evil prayers to him so that he dies, that is why he got an accident, So Man of God advised him to go and tell the mother in law that he gave her the goats and will never pick them from her. Today he is totally healed and free, God restored his faith to perfection.


He gives all the glory and honour back to King Jesus Christ.