Mr. Agondeza Sadam got involved in a fatal road accident along Entebbe road. His body sustained injuries and acquired multiple fractures. His chest, right hand, ribs, thigh bones and knee cap were all fractured. In the hospital the best the doctors could do was to operate and stitched all the injured parts of the body but it availed no healing. In the hospital, the doctors had given him three months to recover gradually but when he came to the peace center of the Holy City of ETM International Church and was prayed for by the anointed servant of God Bro.Ronnie, the Heavenly Surgeon Jesus Christ joined every broken part of his body. One who came being supported was able to stand up instantly and walked without any difficulty. As the anointed servant of God Bro.Ronnie prayed for him, as guided by the Holy Spirit exposed to him the root cause of the accidents in his life. The anointed servant of God told him that he had a spirit of fear and this was true according to Mr. Godesa’s confirmation. He had lot of fear in that he could not approach any woman of his interest, whenever he went for job interviews, he could tremble a lot and could not look the interviewer straight in the eyes but after the prayers at the Holy City, all that ceased. Today he is so confident and can easily interact with anyone at any time without shying away. He exalts Jesus Christ for saving his life.