Mrs. Justine Nampeera came to the Holy City in a lot of pain all over her body. She suffered from a painful finger that had spent a full year, leaving her with sleepless nights and numbness in the hand. In addition to this, her left leg was burnt by hot water that left her with burning sensations. In this agony, she could not fold her finger, hold or do any work with her hands. With all this sickness, she decided to come to the peace center of the Holy City and the anointed servant of God Bro. Ronnie prayed for her.  Through revelation by the Holy Spirit, the anointed servant of God Bro. Ronnie asked her why she is not staying with her husband. In reply, Ms. Nampeera told her she did not know why the husband never wanted to stay at home. Bro.Ronnie prayed for her and declared freedom and healing upon her life. Instantly all the pain in her body stopped and later the wounds dried up. Jesus has enabled her husband who had left home 10years ago to come back. Today they happily stay together and for that case, Ms. Nampeera glorifies Jesus Christ for her healing and settling her marriage.