General Overseer: Bro.Ronnie Makabai

There's nothing good that God will withhold from you, if He hasn’t answered you, don’t worry. He will answer you at His own time in His own way. His love for you is soo much that He can give up anything to see you happy. Love Him back and you will never be disappointed. Jesus loves you.

Bro. Ronnie

Bro. Ronnie vividly saw Jesus Christ calling him into ministry while in Germany where he studied up to a master’s level in Journalism. Immediately after his studies in Berlin, he returned to Uganda and formed the African Christian Team (ACT Production, a gospel music group) and he was the chairman of the ACT Production while he also served as a choir master in the Holy Church of Christ. He produced gospel songs which became popular even on secular radio stations. Thereafter in the year 2004 he became the second gospel artist to win the Pearl of Africa music award in the Best gospel category, with the best gospel single song “NANUNULWA” by then he was known as chief makabai.

In the same year 2004 July 25th The Lord Almighty instructed Bro. Ronnie to start the Evangelical Truth Ministries International and it got established on 22 MAY 2006. He has travelled to several parts of the world preaching the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ winning many souls for Christ Jesus and many pastors have benefited from his gift of revelation to put right their respective callings.

Bro. Ronnie comes from an Anglican religious background. This family is of many Pastors, Bishops, evangelists and gospel artists. He is happily married and his parents are retired public servants.

This is a common saying by Bro. Ronnie “It’s better to know more about Christ Jesus who dwells in me than my person for your benefit. Let the works of Christ in me convince you and the Holy Spirit testify for me.”

The anointing of Christ Jesus in the life of Bro. Ronnie is so great that thousands of people come seeking salvation, healing, deliverance, prosperity, peace, Counselling and many more things in life. God is using him to restore hope to the hopeless.