Welcome to ETM Church

ETM International church is a true arm of christ and a place for GOD loving people.
Our goal is to bring the love of Christ to the world.

GOD is doing wonderful things in the lives of Christians through healing and deliverance. We are overwhelmed by the mighty power of Jesus and we ask you to come and witness this everlasting love that God is showing his people.
Through partnering with us, salvation will reach many souls across the world and GOD shall touch every life.

Be blessed
Bro. Ronnie Makabai

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"Evangelical Truth Ministries International, the arm of Christ"

You are welcome to E.T.M International Church



It has come to our attention that some fraudsters have established face book accounts and pages posing to be Brother Ronnie Makabai or/and to represent ETM International Church. These fraudsters are making demands for money for conducting services, seeking aid and donations and impersonating Brother Ronnie while displaying his pictures on the same networks: ETM International Church has no association with the following facebook pages and account:

-postor ronnie makabayi (FAKE)
-Broronnie Etm Church (FAKE)
-etminternational fans page (FAKE)

To access our social networks, click the tags above. or go to: broronnie. etmchurch (TRUE)
We do not solicit for funds over the internet, To donate to the ministry, kindly call our offices, for guidelines or ............click here...... for our Bank details;
+256 392 834 104 or +256 392 176 236